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Sulit Memulai Usaha

Thank God, my granddaughter Sisulitnih the end of the year 2012 is five years old, it’s been good at reading hurly Latin and Arabic. As well as Already memorized some letters of the Qur’an.




Salam Sobat dari
si SULIT NIH ye..

Si Sulitnih, I describe as my granddaughter who is hungry searching for science and who is thirsty scratched the life experience. Why are we grown unwilling to learn and plan better?.

Still remember when We were kids ? … communicating, walking, eating alone is a difficult thing and defecation in place is something that is most difficult.

Difficult Business Just Beginning.

Now … … be grateful … imaginable … if you still find it hard to defecate in place. That’s the result of your labor pains You, you want to learn to thrive.

Sure to become entrepreneurs you can certainly .

Sulitnih is looking for a way out of the trouble that always overshadow, which make our life was squeezed. do you want to Be In the dark forever?.

Get started building an independent business, it turns out is not as easy as in his theory, problem changes to MENTAL from workers who have for years been a dozen years even got fixed salary and sample treatment in the facilities of the Office, it is the main obstacle to become independent entrepreneurs. how to Change a Mental .

Sulitnih gives you the experience to try to overcome the difficulty of starting a business. Share the goodness With trouble.

Sulitnih do not intend to give tips or a potent kick-kick a surefire to become successful businessmen or entrepreneurs filthy rich. Guns laya lau.

Sulitnih try to give spirit to allow you to quickly build a foundation of wealth. it’s time to determine the plan of life.

Sulitnih hope this experience is useful. In order for the goal we all achieved, please comment or LIKE the build …Aaamiin.
Greetings of friendship of Putra Betawi

by the existence of this blog I try to share my experiences to discuss how hard it start a business independently.
Share the goodness with difficulty


Chart Of The Order To Start A Business.

Business lesson :

Since the beginning I an entrepreneur, I am trying to prepare staff to conduct business as if I didn’t exist.

Logically :
Many entrepreneurs are so involved in the company, that the business cannot function without them. This will lower the value of the company if an Executive founder intends to sell it, “A company will be assessed a lot less if it is too dependent on the CEO,” and “If everything is in the head of the CEO, if any investor wants to buy it, of course they worry what will happen when you retire or go”.

Fact :
It’s hard to have a staff of dedicated and trustworthy.
(Sulit nih Ye)

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