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Table Of Contain.
Si Sulitnih.
Niat Berbeda Dengan Do’a.
Menentukan Produk Atau Jasa Untuk Memulai Usaha.
Sulit Adalah Bayangan Hidup.
Mencari Mesin Uang Yang Lebih Dasyat.
Sudah Saatnya Menentukan Rencana Hidup.
Sulitkah Memulai Usaha Kecil.
Bisnis Jalan Kitapun Bisa Jalan-jalan.

Sulit Memulai Usaha.

Patient Autonomy: Good or Bad?

20121219-061414.jpgYesterday, Ogilvy held a really interesting panel discussion called “How Social Change happens in the 21st Century.” (Natalie posted a nice synopsis about it here). We covered a variety of topics regarding healthy behavior change, and discussed appropriate and effective channels of communication to reach audiences that are already bombarded with thousands of messages every day.

Patient Autonomy: Good or Bad?.

The challenges of marketing
in the 21st century to come.

Marketing operates in a dynamic global environment. Every decade demanded marketing manager to think of new things about goals and marketing practices. Rapid changes in a short period of time can create a successful strategy in the last decades out of date. As observed by a leading management thinker Peter Drucker, a formula that profitable companies in decades ago, will probably be destroyed in the next decade. Philip Kotler in the basics of marketing.

What are the challenges of marketing
by the time we headed for the twenty-first century?

Philip wrote, the company is grappling with the values and orientation of customers who change; economic stagnation; deterioration of the environment; the increasingly keen global competition; and a large number of problems of economic, political, social and others. However, this problem also opened marketing opportunities.

This mature looks into some of the trends and forces that change the marketing insight, namely:

  • The growth of nonprofit marketing.
  • Rapid globalization.
  • The world economy is being changed.
  • And the call for action that are more socially responsible.

A successful company in the industry that have already matured, learned that they can no longer look at the eyes on a growing market, technology, and management approaches. All sorts of companies are learning that they cannot remain only focus attention on, ignoring the needs of the customer and the environment.

That’s The New Marketing Insights.

Marketing in the Modern Age.

Company or cause, marketing plays a vital role.!

For companies, the marketing discipline helps sell products with the ultimate goal of boosting shareholder value. For causes, social marketing moves people to action for their own good — cajoling consumers to change unhealthy behaviors or to support a particular environmental program, for example.

Marketing in the Modern Age

Tradition or Modern

The Government Is Ready To Disband KPSI.
Author : Ary Wibowo | Jumat, 14 Desember 2012 | 21:52 WIB

JAKARTA, Government through Implementing tasks (Plt) Menpora, Agung Laksono expressed will continue to help Indonesia football to get into a better direction, following various conflicts that never ended until now. The Government, he said, will support the completion of the entire process, including dissolving the KPSI to end the dualism of football in the country.

Kenapa Harus Merubah Mental ?
Menggali Ide Bisnis
Menentukan Produk atau Jasa Untuk Memulai Usaha
Mulanya Usaha Kecil2an, Sekarang ..
Perlunya Visi dan Misi Dalam Usaha
Tidak Punya Modal, Ya Kerjalah..

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